Thursday 1 April 2021


definition phletrafritis  - the disease of feeling the urge to combine the names of two articles of clothing to make another one.

Some of these terms have been around quite a while

jeggings - ie jeans + leggings have been around since 2009

and skort - a short skirt with attached briefs underneath [or a brief skirt with attached shorts underneath, take your pick] first appeared in American sportswear catalogues back in 1959

And when respected brands like Slazenger, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer take these terms on board, you feel that they must not be dismissed too quickly.
But honestly, can you see a man admitting that this is a shacket? [shirt + jacket] What are M&S thinking?
And as for coatigan... [you can work that one out yourself!]
If you can't work out when, or how to wear it, White Stuff have a helpful page to explain. Basically you can wear it inside or outside, but you do need one of their brollies if it rains!
Then there's shooties [I kid you not, see here] shoe + booties
If your hands are cold, splash the cash on some J Crew glittens.
I think "they're 'aving a Turkish" **

It's bad enough having Coronavirus, we don't need to suffer Phletrafritis too.***

**allegedly Cockney rhyming slang - Turkish = Turkish Barf = Larf
*** Ok, I admit, I made this word up - just for today, let's fool around.


  1. I did think the term was a little strange but didn't make the link to April Fools!!
    Yes, I get a bit annoyed with the obsession too. It's not just in clothing too!


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