Sunday, 4 July 2021

A Day To Say Thank You


I am not involved in any Thank You Day events. But I am truly grateful to so many people who have done so much to help during these difficult months
Yes, general thankyous to the NHS, and other key workers, to volunteer teams, to people who kept the wheels turning. To all those church workers who produced services on YouTube and Zoom, and teachers who gave fantastic online lessons. To Care Home staff, working under incredible conditions, with inadequate support - many of them actually left their families and moved in with the elderly residents. To couriers and delivery workers who got the goods to their destinations thoughtfully, cheerfully and carefully...the list is endless.
But my personal thank you especially
  • to the friends who dropped off fresh milk and eggs and fruit, right at the beginning, before lockdown started, when Bob and I had to self-isolate because we had covid19
  • to the amazing pair of paramedics who came out to us when Bob was very ill. 
  • to the hospital staff who delivered George last year, and Jessica last month - we are so grateful these precious babies arrived safely
  • to my daughters who kept in touch regularly, even though we were forced to be apart, sending random gifts to brighten our days, and photos of the grandchildren.
  • to the people at United Church Ferndown who continue to work so hard to bless our community, and who were so generous and kind as we packed the van and moved to Norfolk [one day I'll give you proper hugs again!]
  • to the bloggers whose posts have cheered me, amused me, challenged me, encouraged me, educated me...and made me laugh out loud [you know who you are] even though you too have been struggling to make sense of things.
  • to Bob for putting up with me - and for managing without me last summer when I was at Grandma's Nursery School
Thank you one and all - for your generosity, your hard work, your endurance and your love. As you have blessed others, may you yourselves be blessed.


  1. And thank you, Angela, for blogging through thick and thin, and always having something interesting to say.

  2. I second Elizabethd's thanks, Angela. It takes a lot of commitment to keep up a daily, interesting blog.

  3. I will also add my thanks for your lovely and inspiring blog!

  4. My thoughts exactly. A big thank you to you for always being there with something good to read at the beginning of the day.

  5. Thank you - all of you- you are too kind! The blog would not exist if there were not people like you to read it

  6. I, too, add my thanks to those stated by the others above! Thank you for being such a kind and considerate blog friend. :)

  7. I'm joining the thAngks. You've been a beacon of light, positivity and entertainment through all of this. There are lots of people who've done so much for us. I'd like to know who made you laugh out loud- I'd like to read that Blogger's work too!

  8. I am new here, I have been reading many of the blogs here for years but am just starting my own now. Thank you for your inspiring and interesting posts, for your reminders to focus on what matters, and from two recently retired paramedics (husband and myself), thank you and everyone who has remembered and prayed for the frontline workers. May we all stay healthy and happy!

    1. Thank you Caryn - I wish you and your husband every happiness in retirement - especially hoping you have more time to enjoy your new grandparenting roles. I visited Baltimore in 2004, and have happy memories of Marland! Thank you for your hard work in these difficult times. I look forward to reading your blog (tip:do not feel you have to write a post every day - it gets easier with practice, start out gently)


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