Thursday, 15 July 2021

Cuts And Crosses

I have been doing a few more of the little cross stitch motifs in the evenings whilst watching TV **- and then the other afternoon I fetched my Big Shot Due-Cut machine and my WRMK envelope maker down from the box in the loft and had an afternoon of papercrafting. There are a number of weddings/wedding anniversaries coming up, so I wanted to make a batch of cards for them.

I used the Tattered Lace die cut I bought a few years back. I'd got a folder of 12" heavy scrapbooking paper- which provide cream and french navy for the cards, and a patterned design which made the envelopes.

With the trimmings from the cards, I was able to make some gift tags ready for the gifts I'll be making for some babies due soon.

I decided the little gift tags with the magazine would be more useful as little cards - so here they are.

Some I decorated with a tiny bow, others I attached with my rivet punch. That was not too successful - I had to put a small punched cover over the inside of the rivet as it was a little sharp.

I still have Aida cloth and threads left - plus the 8 gift tags which came in the original kit.

**Yes I did watch the match on Sunday night [first time since 1966 that I have watched an entire football match on TV] I am a little sad that England lost - but really sad about the way some of the players have been verbally abused since. It is absolutely disgusting.

Let's just recognise that Marcus Rashford is going to be remembered for years to come - not because he missed one penalty, but because this courageous young man stood up to the self-centred politicians, to ensure that children got the food they needed. God bless you Marcus - thank you for what you have done for the country

In the Great Scheme Of Things, feeding the hungry matters infinitely more than scoring a goal. 



  1. Your cards are wonderful!!!
    They are so pretty.
    What did you use to attach the die cuts to the card? I always find gluing a tricky thing to do!
    I agree about Marcus Rashford. He has been kind and used his success to help others who couldn't help themselves, definitely a different ilk of footballers than the WAG Rooney as

  2. era that last bit was supposed to be.

  3. Usually I brush the back of the die cut gently with pva glue (thinned with just a little water) . That was packed away, so I used Bob's can of spray mount. I'm not to happy with the result to be honest! Glue sticks - unless they are very new and soft - tear the diecuts or clog the holes!

  4. Your cards and gift tags are lovely.

    The outpouring of love for Marcus in his home town has been wonderful. The defaced mural being covered with messages of support and love brought me to tears and it was made perfect again within hours of it being defaced by the original artist.

    There are far more good people in the world than bad, but the scenes after the football match of the violence, racism and mess were appalling.

    1. The well considered response of the team shows what great lads they are.

  5. Beautiful cards and tags! That must have been a very satisfying afternoon's work.


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