Thursday, 29 July 2021

One Finger, One Thumb, Keep Moving

When I finished my weather scarf back in May, I mentioned what I might do with the leftover yarn. I mentioned making some gloves. 

I had made Steph a pair of 'texting gloves' for her birthday ages ago, using self striping sock yarn. I checked back on the blog*, and found the post - but unfortunately there was no note as to where I'd got the pattern. 

Then, quite unexpectedly a coupl e of weeks ago, I found a folded piece of paper inside a craft book- and it was the very pattern I had used back in 2009. I had modified a free pattern I'd found on the net- but [foolishly] not noted the original source.  I rolled my remaining oddments into 2 gram balls [a little smaller than a ping-pong ball] and dropped them into the sections of an eggbox to keep them separate and manageable. I didn't count the rows of each colour, so the two gloves aren't quite perfectly symmetrical [but almost] The pattern has a single seam up the side, and a short seam on the thumb- but it's a simple 2-needle job [no dpns if I can avoid them!] 
These have gone away in the drawer with the scarf and will wait there until it turns chilly. There is still quite a bit of yarn left. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that. I worked hard to finish these on Friday evening as I wanted to get them out of the way before we went away for the weekend. 
Bob had a Wedding Preparation Session with friends down in Wiltshire, then we were going on to Gloucestershire for 2 nights to stay with his sister Denise, and her husband Kevin. And in the wonderful way these things work out, Denise had a pattern for a baby jacket she was hoping to knit for her grand-daughter. The middle section of the pattern was really complicated and she had struggled to make sense of it. So the pattern and yarn has come back to Cornerstones, and I shall attempt to decipher it. 
Another challenge to enjoy! And I like babyknits - they grow so quickly. Watch this space.
[*do you use your blog as an archive for your crafting/cooking notes?]


  1. I go back on my blog and look at cards I made as inspiration for more cards.
    Actually I often go back on your blog for inspiration for various projects too.

  2. I use Ravelry to record everything a propos knitting and crochet (I also just sneaked in a sewing project which I wanted to record but didn't know where else to put it). Nice gloves.Very Harry Potter!

  3. Good use of your leftover yarn! Those gloves are called fingerless gloves over here and I made a pair for myself and one for my daughter, last year. But your gloves are more colorful! :)

  4. Just occasionally I look back for a recipe such as Crabapple jelly.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only person to hide useful patterns (or recipes) on pieces of paper! Good luck with the baby jacket pattern. With your experience you will be sure to figure it out.

  6. The gloves look so pretty!
    I've got an idea- why don't you have a tag/label called 'Saved for future so anything you want to save, you can click that label and find It?

    1. Because I refer back so often, that every other post would be tagged!


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