Sunday, 25 July 2021

Bee A Blessing

I treated myself recently to a new piece of costume jewellery. Not expensive - and not quite as flashy as Lady Hales' spider brooch. But whilst mask-wearing means my earrings are restricted to just simple inexpensive studs, this is something to pin on a summer jacket of simple dress. A little bee, about 4cm long.

I love bees. The worker bee has been the symbol of Manchester for 180 years - the city was, and is a 'hive of industry'.  When I visit Steph, I see these insects in artwork all over the place. 
This creature works hard, and lives in community - helping not just the others in the hive, but producing sweet honey, pollinating the flowers, and helping the crops grow.  

The bee is a good role model for us as Christians - we should be working hard, living in community, serving others...

Here is a prayer I wrote a few years back. Have a great Sunday - bee blessed & bee a blessings

    Father God, 

you made these tiny creatures, as part of your wonderful creation, 
and they are a blessing to me, 
and we need them if humans are to survive on our planet. 
 Scientists have studied their colonies 
and are still learning more about them 
the way they serve their queen, 
the way they work in the hive, 
their construction of the beautiful hexagonal waxen cells, 
all the properties of their honey to nourish and to heal, 
their amazing flying dances which tell other bees where to find the nectar,
Help me to learn from the bees – 
to serve you, my King, 
to work alongside my brothers and sisters, 
to build your Kingdom, 
to feed the hungry, 
and to help others to find your love.
As I am bee-blessed, so may I be a blessing



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