Monday, 12 July 2021

Books, Bugs, Bargains

One thing I'm enjoying in retirement is having time to visit other nearby villages. On Saturday morning we went over to Horsford - a 20 minute drive - to explore, and enjoy the Yard Sale. There was a very friendly atmosphere. We parked close to the school, and bought a map [£1] Fortified by well filled bacon baps and mugs of tea, [£8] we set off.

The street names were rainbow coloured. Apparently this was done towards the start of the pandemic as a thank you from the community to the NHS. There were well over 40 sales pitches - including the Parish Hall and the Methodist Chapel. Because it was primarily a school event, a high proportion of the sellers are were young families, with children's clothes, toys and books - but also bric a brac and small pieces of furniture. Bob bought two screwdrivers to refurbish [£1] Here's my haul... 

Two children's books [£1] cookbook [50p] A lovely magnetic dress-me-up book [only 20p] Three yards of pretty ribbon [50p] and a brand new bug viewer [50p]  It was 11:15, coffee-time, so we  went to the Parish Hall. Splendid tea and cake, eaten in the fresh air [£2]
We walked back to the car and I broke my £1 item-limit by spending £4 on this large fuchsia in a 10" pot. I hope it produces good blooms. We gave away our map to a couple who had just parked their car, but were some distance from either of the places where they were on sale. 
Food and map - £11 purchases £7.70 total spend £18.70

The bug viewer is excellent - very simple to use. Rosie came over later and we spent a while studying an ant in detail.  The Bug Book is really informative. Once again I was surprised by the range of Ro's knowledge of creation.The magnetic book is from Jojo Maman Bebe and features their children's clothes. I put all the pieces on a metal baking sheet to enable Rosie to see and select outfits. 
I think I really got my money's worth with these. 
I'm not sure about the cookbook - Thomasina is very fond of using lots of chillies, which I don't like. 
All in all a lovely morning, my Fitbit recorded a step count of 10K+ and the weather stayed fine. 
The people were all friendly. Strangest comment was when one seller told us that the previous chap had asked, in all seriousness "Do you have any guns for sale?" We were as baffled as she was by such a question. 


  1. Well that was a morning well spent. The things you bought seem good value.
    Before I forget, I can't remember if I thanked you yet for the sewing book? If I didn't, please forgive me, I should have texted immediately! It was really kind of you. Thank you so much!

    The magnetic book looks really fun! I would have loved that as a child. Wahaca is a really nice restaurant. We've been to the one at Stratford Westfield shopping centre but yes, chilli in lots of things.
    Mmm, I could eat a bacon sandwich right now. Feeling very hungry this morning!

    1. Funnily enough, I got out my sewing machine this morning, and remembered that I'd posted the book, but not heard from you (life's been busy for me too) Hope you find it useful. I'd love to visit a Wahaca restaurant. TM seems such a nice woman - kind, generous, and generally good fun. I'm sure her food reflects that!

  2. I had to smile when I read the question about guns. Our friends moved to a town in rural Wisconsin. The first time they met the next door neighbor was when he knocked their door and instead of bringing a cake or something as we often do here, he asked " Excuse me, do you have any extra bullets?" It was a community where most of the men hunted.

    They hated living there and moved away after a couple of years.

    1. I cannot imagine living somewhere that has such am attitude towards gun ownership

    2. I could not either. They said in hunting season you could not walk in the neighborhood without seeing dead deer hanging up outside. They sold and moved.

  3. What an excellent collection, all things that are useful.

    1. And all in excellent condition (well apart from Bob's screwdrivers - but they were purchased cheaply as a refurb project)

  4. Sounds like a fun morning and how nice to have a road named after you! :D


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