Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Domestic Disasters

Not really disasters - just a few things that might have turned out better...

first - back when we first got Cornerstones, we received an M&S voucher from a good friend. At the time, they had 'towel bundles' on a 2-for-1 offer. I bought 4 bundles, 2 in a navy-ish dark blue, and two in a slighter saxe blue. I had plenty of brown [1979 wedding present] and white towels back in Leicester then, and random coloured ones. 

Gradually the coloured ones have gone to Waggy Tails Dog Rescue, and I am a little more organised. Most of my towels are white or blue. Until last week - when I unpacked another box, and found a white towel in the top used as padding. With odd yellow stains on it. I put it in the wash with a load of bedding. I've often washed this bedset before with no trouble - white/pale blue duvet and pillows, deep blue bottom sheet. 

Not this time! I now have a grey-blue towel in the collection. I shall have to search out some Dr Beckman's Glo White as I did once before, and see if I can restore its whiteness.

second - it is a couple of years since I gave Liz some Lock&Lock 'Eco' boxes for her birthday. They match the regular L&L, lids are interchangeable - but these are made from waste plastic which would otherwise go to landfill. 
But, when I was doing RosieCare the other week, I decided I should check through the fridge and discard anything which was 'past it'. This was when I discovered an issue with the dark green boxes I had not foreseen.
You cannot work out what it inside them, the plastic is almost opaque. So, unless there is a label, you have to remove the lid to determine the contents. Also, they are very efficient at sealing in odours. 
I retrieved a box from the back of the bottom shelf and opened it. Phewee! even with my intermittent sense of smell, this did not seem good to me. Furthermore, the contents were strange colours, and the liquid had separated into and oily goop. I discarded it all and washed the box thoroughly with hot soapy water. I thought I was being helpful...
If I'd known this box was Jon's Kimchi, I would not have discarded it.
I am SO sorry!! [I do hope he's forgiven me]
 - the soup. I'd done my usual thing, of making a stock and cooking up the veg lurking in the fridge- but this time I added in some leftover roasted veg. Unfortunately there were four cloves of garlic in the mix. 
The soup went into the freezer, and freezing somehow intensified the flavour.
Boy, was it strong! [neither of us managed to finish our portions] We will not be having any trouble from vampires round here 
Bob generously said that I have been quite adventurous with my cooking lately, and had some great successes, so the occasional disaster is nothing to worry about. In the grand scheme of things, grey towels, discarded kimchi and inedible garlic soup are pretty trivial matters.


  1. I've had that happen with towels - but haven't known how to fix it. Cheers

  2. I hope you can restore the towel to white. I got a pandemic stupidity effect last summer and without thinking, threw a beach towel in with the white towels I was laundering. Result, pale pink towels. They are slowly reverting to white, in fact I think the Persil detergent I bought recently has made a difference.

  3. I’m sorry, I’m laughing so hard at the kimchi! Our daughter came home from Taiwan with new recipes in her repertoire, and I’ve done the same thing. Kimchi is very good for you, but it takes getting used to, definitely.

  4. Too funny about the kimchi and the garlicky soup! Hope you can restore the whiteness to your towel!

  5. Garlicky food is the best! I regularly cook with 4 cloves!😁
    Also done similar with towels before! All these are here trifles!

    1. I never put garlic in my trifles Kezzie


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