Tuesday, 24 August 2021

God Bless The Bride, God Save The Queen!

We went back to Ferndown on Saturday for the wedding of our friends Ruth and Rohan. The bride looked radiant in a simple gown which she had designed and her aunt had made for her. 

Her Dad Alan walked down the aisle with her. Groom Rohan was resplendent in his suit and grey topper. Bob was [as always on such occasions] dressed in his grey suit. It was slightly strange seeing him at the front of UCF again, taking the service. The 30 or so guests were distanced

Rohan is in the Army, and very patriotic- the invitations were printed with a Union Flag decoration, there was matching bunting round the room at the reception. We even sang God save the Queen!

Rowan is very fond of different teas, and  dreams of opening a Proper Tea Shop one day. So that was the theme of the reception - tiered stands with sandwiches, scones, cakes etc [thank you Pandora's Bakery, West Moors] and PB also provided the cake. Three different flavoured layers - and "naked" style frosting.
Kezzie asked what I'd be wearing. I wore a red floral print "Great Plains" dress, with a swirly skirt- and topped it with a fine red lacy bolero [I think thats called a waterfall front] Tights and heels felt strangely unfamiliar! Bob's tie co-ordinated with my outfit, which was good! [I sneaked in another guest, tucked in my bag - but his pictures will come later]


  1. Both the bride, and you, looked lovely.

  2. Ah, how lovely!!! The bride looks really lovely. That dress looks really comfortable and such a lovely folkstyle. I love your outfit too. So pretty and really suits you!

    1. And both the dresses were comfortable too. I hate being so "dressed up" that I can't let my hair down (or enjoy the food!)

  3. It's so nice to see weddings happening again. This one looks like it was lovely! Two young men in our family had small (socially distanced) weddings this summer. Love is a wonderful thing.

  4. I felt so sorry for all those who have had to postpone their Special Days.Gkad things are happening again

  5. What a beautiful wedding and the Afternoon tea looks delightful. I, too, like your outfit. I imagine you have lots of wedding outfits for when you attended other weddings which Bob officiated.

  6. Thanks Jan. Yes I have a few dresses for such events. Sadly I have put on a little weight in the last year (like many others) so a few of them are rather snug-fitting at the moment!

  7. Such a pretty wedding with a lovely bride, and your outfit is very attractive, Angela. I hope Rowan gets to open her tea shop one day.

  8. Best wishes to the young couple! I really like your dress and you look well. :)


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