Monday 13 June 2022

Beautiful Babies

First up, happy birthday to our Jess- ONE today. What a year it has been - you arrrived a little early, and you've been making your presence felt ever since.

Always alert and interested - and you clearly adore your big sister

You have brought us all so much joy. I am sure you will enjoy some cake today
...and now there is another new member of the Almond family - up in Scotland another great niece has just arrived named Breagha [Gaelic for beautiful
May God bless these little ones, and their families.


  1. They are SO beautiful. Doesn't the time pass by so quickly with little ones.

  2. Happy birthday Jess!
    What a sweet baby. ~ skye

  3. Happy birthday Jess. I see a determined look, she will be as smart as Rosie! Congratulations on the new great niece.

  4. Happy birthday, Jess! And a big welcome to the new baby, too!

  5. Babies bring such joy, don't they! Beautiful babies indeed!

    1. I hope you and your family are well, Terri

  6. So lovely! I sent Jolly and Elizabeth off today! They should arrive before too long! Elizabeth got sick with Covid so she didn't get to join you for the Queen's Jubilee, but we watched it on YouTube. Thanks, Ang!


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