Saturday 18 June 2022

Tease And Seize Supply?

Do you ever hear something on the radio and completely misinterpret what was said? There are loads of websites dedicated to misheard lyrics. I think it has got worse since they have started speeding things up to get more words in. If you speed up a tape, the voices get higher, and sound like chipmunks. [try watching YouTube instruction videos at x2 speed - it saves a lot of time [try watching YouTube instruction videos at x2 speed - it saves a lot of time] But on the radio it is all done digitally and the pitch is kept at the same level, so the same voice sounds faster. 
On Classic FM [my favourite music station- I am definitely getting old!] so many ads end with the warning about terms and conditions. "Ts and Cs apply" they say. It sounds so much like "Tease, and seize Supply" like some bully making off with the sweets from the corner shop.
I was completely thrown by a holiday ad for "Reverend Yacht Cruises" - is this a getaway for overworked clergy? Then I realised the guy was saying "River And Yacht Cruises" Perhaps I need a hearing test?

Not too sure about my eyesight either - I drove past a chapel, and saw there was a new poster outside. It was in that trendy informal brushstroke type font.
A parked car meant I could only see the top half of the poster, which read "Your taller in heaven..."

"Hmmph!"I thought, "that should be You're, not your." And then I thought "Why will I be taller in heaven?" OK, I admit 4'11½ is a little on the short side- but will Bob be taller too? surely 6'4 is big enough?" At which point I realised that the flowing script actually said
Your Father in heaven...
I must go back sometime and check out the rest of the poster!
Maybe I should've gone to Specsavers


  1. I can never hear lyrics. Someone was asking me what I thought of the musical Hamilton and I said I found it difficult because I just can't hear what the lyrics were in the rap parts and I was tired anyway so I found it exhausting and relentless when they weren't singing. I thought it was very clever and I loved the songs but the rap just grated on me in the end for that reason.

    1. I watched it [on TV] when I was over tired. About 75% of the way through I realised I had completely lost the plot

  2. Too funny! :D I'm definitely getting to be hard of hearing!

  3. We have sometimes used the closed captioning on Britbox when watching something with a strong dialect that is not one we have had connections with. I use the CC also when I'm watching something and want to keep the sound low so as not to disturb DH if he is in his office nearby. But I have come across the weirdest transcriptions and I feel sorry for anyone who relies on them because of hearing problems!

  4. Oh ! You made me chuckle today ! 🦋

  5. Bear and I are quite addicted to the Breakfast Serial, around 7.25am each weekday morning on Classic FM. I'm always astounded as they read the Ts&Cs in the adverts and I always wondered how they spoke so fast.


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