Sunday 19 June 2022

Joie De Vivre

My friend's Mum died suddenly, just after Easter. Pauline was a lovely woman- loving, helpful, full of joy. It was a privilege to be asked to make two Memory Bears for her grandchildren. Mim gave me a selection of her Mum's blouses and a lightweight blue skirt. I started preparing to make the bears, by dismantling the garments and pressing the fabrics. In the skirt pocket I found a neatly pressed handkerchief, and one blouse had a tag at the collar, and a garment care label, both naming the manufacturer. I made the bears. A pink ribbon for her granddaughter, a blue one for the grandson.

I wasn't surprised to find the hankie. Pauline was always prepared, and would have been ready to use that hankie to dry tears, or wipe away dirt... As a Christian, she was forever serving other people, helping them, showing them the love of Jesus. There's a verse in Isaiah 52 How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News! There was just enough fabric to cut two little 'soles' from the hankie. So each bear has a 'beautiful' foot, a memory of a good soul.
All my bears have a backpack - and inside an personalised label saying in memory of X made with love for Y. I used the skirt fabric to make the backpacks - but then decided to sew the two manufacturer's tags on the outside. The company was called "Joie de Vivre" - and Pauline radiated joy wherever she went.
Pauline understood what it meant in Nehemiah 8 The joy of the Lord is your strengthMim sent me lovely message when her parcel arrived- she was really touched by the extra personalisation. I hope these bears bring joy and comfort to two young people who miss their wonderful gran so much. RIP Pauline - rest in peace and rise in glory.


  1. What lovely memories for her and the family.

  2. That's beautiful!!! Joie de vivre is such a beautiful phrase!

  3. Sweet!


  4. So beautiful, every single aspect of the bears and the love with which they were made.

  5. Lovely personal touches, they will bring blessing for sure!

  6. I love those memory bears you make, Angela. Each one is so special.

    1. Using the fabrics of the person's life makes it a real memory for the recipient

  7. Those are absolutely wonderful and special. How good of you to use your sewing skills in this way. I think it is marvelous and those children will treasure the bears. Extra clever to use the hankie in that way.

  8. Those bears are beautiful beyond more than the outward shape. You are awesome for making them with such thought.


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