Sunday 28 May 2023

Another Birthday

Yesterday our family celebrated Liz's birthday. Today the church family worldwide celebrates the birthday of the Church. 50 days after Easter [hence  the name Pentecost] God gave the gift of his Holy Spirit to his disciples. In days gone by, people traditionally wore white clothes for church on this day, hence the alternative name whit[e]sun.


  1. Thank you for explaining that, Angela. :)

  2. Thanks for that comment, Bless. I know lots of people aren't really sure what Christians mean when they talk about God's Holy Spirit. I thought this video helps explain!

  3. Thanks for explaining why it is Pentecost today. My friend’s church Rutherglen URC has a beautiful picture on its FB today of the church ready to celebrate Pentecost. Catriona

    1. I've just looked up the RURC FB page. What am amazing image!

  4. Happy Pentecost Sunday!


  5. I had no idea that Whitsunday came from wearing white clothes on Whitsunday, although I grew up in the Church of England. Today in the Catholic Church I attend, the altar and the priest's vestments were red, as is the custom for us. What links us is the Holy Spirit poured out for ALL Christians!


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