Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Better Late than Never

IM003102-1 Following the example of my good friend Lesley who had a "Finnish Summer" to get her projects completed, I felt that I should finish some cross stitch Christmas decorations I purchased back in 1994! We have obviously been incredibly busy every Christmas since we got here to Leicester in 1995, because they have languished in a drawer, and the needle had rusted into the corner of the Aida fabric.

Finally, this year I got them done - one day last week when Bob was dozing, unwell, in front of the TV, I sat on the sofa stitching away.

IM003103 I was pleased with them, and so stitched "Kirby Muxloe 2008" on the back to remind myself in future years of when I did them!

Bob has just got in from another round of pastoral visiting, Liz is preparing food in the kitchen, and Steph is busy too.

I doubt I shall have time to blog for a few days so I am going to try and set up a couple of post-dated-posts!

May God bless you and yours over the Christmas season, and may the peace that passes understanding fill your hearts and minds, as we look forward to that blessed hope - the appearing of our Saviour!

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