Saturday, 6 December 2008

More about the Jesse Tree

More Christmas preparations today - Bob went off early to the Prayer meeting and I got going on making two more angel costumes for the production on 14th, and a fabric Jesse Tree. Housegroup went so well on Tuesday that it seemed a shame not to display the symbols ,ore widely. It was very much a 'make it up as you go along' production.

IM003027 First I found some green fabric, and some floral cotton to back it with, then cut out two triangles, each about 36" across the base and 36" high. I also made a pocket [A4 size] and a smaller one, 5" square, to go on the back. My aim is that after Christmas, I can store the symbols and the 'crib sheet' ready for another year. I sewed the pockets on the back panel, and then sewed the two pieces together and turned it through. It was quite floppy, but a dowel rod inserted along the bottom gave it the necessary weight and shape.

IM003026 Then [tedious bit] I punched all 28 discs and threaded them with a loop of thread, and sewed 28 buttons on the tree [being careful not to sew through the back pockets!] I found a lovely scrap of green ribbon in my tin printed with the words "Celebrating together" which seemed appropriate for the hanging loop. Finally, I embroidered a label on my Memorycraft machine and fixed it on with Bondaweb [look, a girl can only do so much sewing in a day!]

IM003025 When Bob went down to the church [for the 3rd time in a day!] to sort out the PC, I went too, and hung the Jesse tree in the vestibule, alongside the Nativity Scene and the Christmas Tree. It's all looking wonderfully festive.

Just after my Dad died, we received a load of Homebase Vouchers which he had accrued. So I spent them on a complete set of red and gold decorations for the church tree, to replace the old ones. [Which had been lovingly handmade years ago, but were looking IM003028 awfully tatty] Now the tree always looks splendid - which is important. Dad always used to remind me that we get extra visitors at church over Christmas, and it is not a good witness if it looks like we cannot be bothered to make the church entrance look welcoming.

His entire life was spent in winning people for Jesus - and I am glad that I am reminded of his example each December when the tree comes out.

The Nativity Scene is on a table where the children can look at it. No doubt they will re-arrange the figures again this year - they usually do!

IM003029 This afternoon I visited a friend in hospital, and called in at Greenacres Garden Centre, which I passed on the way home. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of Nativity Sets they had on sale, from only £5. Two children were pestering their mum to buy one- I really hope she did!

I had a lovely piece of post from Liz today - she works for Southwark Council, and has had an article published in their magazine [which goes to every resident] It is all about recycling and re-using etc at Christmas. Wonderfully stuff [give Charity gifts, give your unwanted gifts to charity, take a cotton bag to the shops avoid plastic ones, try making gifts for people instead of buying them etc etc ] I am very proud of her for producing such a brilliant piece full of such wise advice. Train up a child in the way she should go...



  1. I LOVE your Jesse Tree! Great idea and it's portable too (I can't leave anything in my classroom so I have to tote all materials). This you could roll up and put in a bag! :)

  2. Fantastic Jesse tree. I hope it is well received and appreciated by your folk. They are blessed to have you.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments. Yes, it has been appreciated - and after tonight's service, it was rolled up and taken away for use by someone else!!

  4. I don't think I said - the site for the symbols is here

  5. I posted the link to your Jesse Tree at my blog and to my friends and people are just ga-ga about it! :)

  6. I'm loving your Jesse Tree. I think my kids would enjoy this. My friend Sarah is doing one this year, and I bet our Jnr Church would love it too.

  7. I love your Jesse Tree. I have been wanting to do one with my kids. I love your idea. I was thinking about a large poster board tree and paper ornaments for this year (need to keep it simple and inexpensive). I think it might finally be doable after seeing your tree.


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