Monday, 15 December 2008

Thank you, friends!


An early Christmas Present - a blogging award, and kind words from Amazing Grace

This award is meant for people who are positive, show gratitude, and of course: make lemons out of lemonade!

The rules for this award are that you post the graphic for it, write a post that links back to the giver, and then pass it on to up to ten others. Leave a comment on the blogs that get the award, so they know what's happened

I love reading AG's blog - she's involved in Sunday School work too - but in a very different context. She is in the USA, I am in the UK - she is Catholic, I am Protestant - but through blogging, she's become a real friend.


Only a friend could describe me as the Energiser Bunny and get away with it!

It is always incredibly hard to know who to pass the awards on to. I read lots of blogs, and they all make valid points from time to time.

This week, however, I will nominate two dear people who are always positive and showing gratitude - Bob and Catriona, for continuing with all the many added Christmas preparations that ministers have to organise, despite suffering with clergy-lurgy. I also nominate Seraphim who has also been really poorly, but still maintained a bright and cheerful blog. Hope all three of you feel truly 100% fit by Christmas!

I suggest you take your lemonade hot, with honey and a couple of paracetamol tablets.


  1. You deserve the award! You do so much for everyone and you do such a great job too!

    Oh, I was Protestant for 38 years and I converted so I really think I'm both. LOL! I'm so glad that my silly blog "Still Crazy After All These Years" gives you a laugh. It's my outlet to release my frustrations. I went off and did another blog just for teaching CCD/Sunday School because I didn't want people to think I was too crazy, but I think you know the "real" truth. LOL! :)

  2. Thank you for thinking of me! I will pass the award around tomorrow, with hot cups of lemonade, as directed :)

  3. Thank you for the nomination - think you definitely deserve it more though!

    Have to go to buy shloer (for non-UK readers: fizzy grape juice drink )for Sing Christmas so will pick up lemons, honey, etc. at the same time.


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