Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Original Little Mermaid?

zennor moermaid On the south west coast of England, a small Cornish seaside town called Zennor claims its own legend of a mermaid. The story is mysterious and enchanting, stating that during the 15th century, a mermaid overheard a young fisherman while he was singing. Having fallen in love with his voice, she crept into his church so she could listen as he sang. He fell in love with her in return, and he carried her into the sea never to be seen again. Although there is a carving of her image on the rearmost pew (where she allegedly sat) to immortalize the event, the details seem to vary from telling to telling.

starbucks Mind you, the carving does remind me a little of the Starbucks Mermaid Logo!

Seen one mermaid, you've seen them all, I guess!

But this one is pre Hans Andersen, and pre Walt Disney - and pre- Starbucks!


I am mentioning this story - which I have only just discovered, because a teaching colleague asked for an embroidered bib for a baby newly born in her family.

A rather pretty and unusual name.




And yes, I know I said last week that the sewing machines were going away now till after Christmas! I shall have to put them up into the loft so I am not tempted to do any more. How lovely to have a new baby at Christmas-time.


  1. What an interesting legend! It could be the original Little Mermaid! What a pretty name for the baby. I've always loved the name Rose. (My grandmother's middle name was Rose. She was very special in my life.) Zennor is pretty too, though unusual!

    I have an award for you Angela. Please check my blog. Thanks.

  2. "How lovely to have a new baby at Christmas-time."

    Not sure: I am that baby! Born in the immediate run up to Christmas I have had 'my' day usurped by carol services, school plays/concerts, Christmas parties and so on, to say nothing of the 'Christmas and birthday combined' cheapo gifts from school friends.

    At almost 46 (a day or two left!)it no longer really matters, and when I want to sound holy say I have a clue how JC must feel, but I'm not sure being a Christmas baby is great - even if I did get a tin of baby powder from the mayor for my very first Christmas!! (The Christmas Day babes got £1 - a lot of money back in 1962!)

  3. Thanks Susan
    Sorry you miss out on gifts, I hadn't thought of that problem, Catriona! I was an Easter Sunday Baby - my mother got a large chocolate egg [and my Dad was late arriving at church to conduct the communion service!]


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