Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Holding out for some Heroes...

Heroes-Flyer-A5-Low-Res1 We were all geared up for two performances on Friday -but it seems the cast have all gone sick.Only two are still standing, so they have had to cancel. They're not coming.

So we now have to disappoint around 500 people -mostly children. In the morning, all the children [and staff] from the village school were going to walk up the road to the chapel to see the performance, and then there was a general performance in the evening, for which tickets were completely sold out.

I am struggling with this - I feel so sorry for Bob, and Lynda and the rest of the Events Team, who have put so much work into planning and publicising the event and selling tickets. I feel bad for the school children who were really looking forward to coming, and now they have been let down. Even if we try to contact everyone who has bought tickets, I am afraid there will still be some who we cannot reach, who will turn up on Friday evening after a wasted journey.

It isn't the "reputation" thing that matters to me - 99.9% of the time, when our church hosts an event, everyone works together brilliantly and things go well - and folk in the local community know that. masks And I am not "blaming" anyone - Saltmine can't help the sickness, there is so much going round at the minute - and I am sure they didn't make the decision to cancel easily [and three days notice  is better than 24 hours] And the fact that the church will probably lose out financially is a pain - but not what concerns me most.

It's the thought that some of those hoping to come [especially children] might say "Well, that proves it, you can't trust Christians - they let you down" and it turns them away from Jesus.

I am praying that the Lord will help us to deal with this situation in a way which is gracious, and ultimately glorifying to Him.


  1. I've been pondering this post quite a bit on and off.

    Whilst people will be disappointed - what a lovely way to have ended term - I don't think they will necessarily think, "Well, that proves it, you can't trust Christians - they let you down." Actually, what you have is Christians who have worked hard to minimise the letting down and who care enough to be concerned that people are disappointed.

    For those able to think it through, it is a helpful reminder that faith isn't a magic wand to protect us from life's challenges.

    I think, based on my experience, that people usually are more forgiving and understanding than we anticipate precisely because they know we won't have made this kind of decision lightly.

    So, don't beat yourself up and don't worry overly much, God is big enough to handle this.

    Not sure this makes a whole lot of sense, but I think God would say 'Angela, be gentle with yourself'

  2. Thanks Catriona - that's such a positive and helpful comment. 36 hours since the news 'went public' I can say that you are right - people have been very sympathetic. I shall still go down to the church with hot chocolate and marshmallows tomorrow night just in case anyone turns up!
    Bob is getting sicker by the second, and off to the Drs shortly. All I want for Christmas is an Associate Minister!!!!


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