Friday, 5 December 2008

Without Conservatives!

IM002999 Liz gave me a present last weekend.

Knowing my fascination with Continental Food Packets, she brought back this Dr Oetker product from a supermarket in Paris.

You add the sachet to 500ml of boiling milk, stir for 2 minutes then leave to set in the fridge for 2 hours.

That filled 6 ramekins, so we have had the same dessert every day since Wednesday! The first two ramekins I added some sliced banana, the next two I served with a spoonful of plain yogurt and some cocoa powder sprinkled over, the last two I served with some Speculoos biscuits [another Aldi bargain] Being half-Belgian, Bob loves these, so it was an early Christmas treat.


The cocoa looked quite artistic in the kitchen - by the time I served it, it had soaked into the yogurt and looked rather strange. It tasted OK though - very good chocolate flavour.

Maybe next time I should pour it into one large fluted mould and see if I can get it to turn out like the picture on the packet. According to my online translator, "Flan Entremets" means Dessert Flan. According to Bob "It is just chocolate blancmange" !

The online translator also says "Sans Conservateur" is "Without Conservatives" - was this a political statement on Liz's part?

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  1. Who cares what its called! It sure looks yummy! :)


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