Monday, 22 December 2008

Open House!

IM003095 Lots of food, and lots of good friends for the "Annual Christmas Open House At the Manse". I had a lovely evening, and hope the others did too!

I intended to take lots of photos, but somehow was too busy being hostess and chatting [and eating!]

IM003096 Carole and John were the first to arrive - because they knew they had to leave early to look after the grandchildren.

Carole reads this blog so it is about time I embarrassed her with a photograph! She was impressed by how [uncharacteristically] tidy the house was, I think!


Here are just a few of the others. After this, the place really filled up! I just love the way that all these people aged from 20's to 80's can get together and have fun and good conversation.

Now I shall go to bed - I have to be up really early tomorrow, as Steph is doing a stint at Tesco's and needs to be there for 8am. [Her company does Market Research for them, so she is going to experience 'life on the shop floor'] The clearing up can be left till I get back at 8.15 I think - too tired to sort it out now.


  1. It looks like you and your guests had such a great time, and the food looks so delicious. Good friends and good food, what a wonderful combination! :)

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Angela and family! Your home and goodies look lovely!
    Miriam :)

  3. Thanks - hoping you all have a great Christmas too x


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