Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sing all ye citizens...




I would have posted photographs of last night's Neighbourhood Carols - but as Bob cried off sick, I ended up being compere, and could not operate the microphone and camera at the same time!

It was a great event - hosted by Peter and Pat across the road at No 14, on their large drive - with music by the "Hiss and Boo" Jazz Band, mulled wine and mince pies by Camille from no 13, and PA and music stands provided by Bob. All proceeds to Cancer Relief. P&P have arranged this event for about 5 years now, and we had around seventy people from the Close and its environs turn up yesterday evening.

Bob stayed home, swathed in his dressing gown - but said he could hear me singing tunelessly through the PA!! People were really sympathetic and understanding about the cancellation of Heroes.

I was able to plug the thing at the Pub tonight, and the Sunday Candlelight Services at the two churches - and hope that some of the folk who have moved into the new houses in the past year might come along to one or other of these events.

This morning saw about two dozen folk at the Drop In. Janet played the piano and fortunately there were one or two singers like George who are able to hit the note far more accurately than I can!

usborne xmas poems In among the serious bits, I read a children's poem I recently discovered in the Usborne book, and I did Joseph's Lullaby again too. Two people asked me why I am not a professional Rev!

Bob is still coughing, but now taking antibiotics. Hope he is better by tonight!

Dear Auntie, Oh what a nice jumper. I’ve always adored powder blue, and fancy you thinking of orange and pink for the stripes. How clever of you!
Dear Uncle, the soap is terrific. So useful and such a kind thought and how did you guess that I’d just used the last of the soap that last Christmas brought?
Dear Gran, many thanks for the hankies. Now I really can’t wait for the flu. And the daisies embroidered in red round the ‘M’ for Michael. How thoughtful of you!
Dear Cousin, what socks! And the same sort you wear—so you must be the last word in style, and I’m certain you’re right that the luminous green will make me stand out a mile.
Dear Sister, I quite understand your concern—it’s a risk sending jam in the post. But I think I’ve pulled out all the big bits of glass, so it won’t taste too sharp spread on toast
Dear Grandad– don’t fret, I’m delighted. So don’t think your gift will offend. I’m not at all hurt that you gave up this year—and just sent me a fiver to spend


  1. The party sounds like it was wonderful--as does the thought of your husband in a dressing gown. Does he really wear a dressing gown? Please tell me he does.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh yes he does - an ancient green towelling M&S one! It is HUGE because he is 6 foot 4 tall. It is also very warm, and big enough for me [a mere 4 foot 11] to wear over the top of my own d.g. if I am feeling particularly cold and shivery!!!


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