Sunday, 7 December 2008

Come on and Celebrate

coffey It has been a truly fabulous Sunday, as we continue to celebrate 125 years of KMFC. Rev David Coffey [OBE, President of BWA and good friend] was our preacher, morning and evening, and it was lovely having him and his wife Janet at KMFC with us.

We had good numbers this morning, and the young people enjoyed their Kirby Fried Church. The sermon was on Simeon, and was very challenging. Then we had a great Fellowship Lunch, and Janet [another one] our catering officer, organised Jacket Potatoes, which were splendid - and a brilliant idea on such a cold day.

After lunch, we plodded round one of the estates, delivering Churches Together Christmas Cards. Lots of folk turned out for that, so it didn't take as long as in previous years. Thanks, Nick & Co for the help.

bwa Back to church in the evening - this time the sermon was on the wise men. God meets us where we are, God speaks in ways we can understand and God surprises us in unexpected ways. Also Bob interviewed David about his 'global' perspective on the church .

We had some great video clips during both services, including the Advent Conspiracy [details on Bob's blog] It was lovely having friends from nearby Baptist Churches joining us for worship, there was a real sense of fellowship.

After the evening service, we took down the Jesse Tree, as Ken and Joyce are going to use it at their Housegroup tomorrow night. I am really pleased that it is being used and enjoyed like this.

Steph rang this evening, her local church had held a Carol Service in the pub, which had gone very well. We sung a good mixture of stuff, old and new - I do love "Come and See the Shining Hope" - and I managed to get all through "Come on and Celebrate" without singing "Sellotape and String" once! What is it about the songs we sing at Christmas which lend themselves so easily to 'alternative' versions?

While shepherds washed their socks by night,

We four Beatles of Liverpool Are,

The Witch, His Mother Mary

Round John, Virgin Mother and Child

Most highly-flavoured Lady Gloria

and my current favourite, the corruption of v 2 of "Come and Join the Celebration" - "Bringing precious gifts from Lanzarotte..."

I am sure there are others I can't remember right now - but they all make me smile and add to the joy of worship.

18 days left till Christmas...

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