Friday, 19 December 2008

One's Bakewell, the other Bakes Well!

First thing this morning, Steph sent em a text message alerting me to an article in the Times by Joan Bakewell, then shortly after,Liz sent an email about another article featuring  Marguerite Patten.

bakewell My daughters know me too well! JB's piece was all about the value of telling your children Bible stories. I often disagree with her stuff- but I was totally in favour of this one. Good stories well told are fantastic. Bible stories are the best!

The article about MP was equally interesting.


She is 93 and she is fabulous - move over Nigella, this lady can teach you a thing or two. MP is friends with Jamie Oliver [but wishes he wouldn't use bad language] I heard her speak at the Cabinet War Rooms about 4 years ago. She stood for an hour and a half and spoke without notes, and was brilliant.

IM003083 We have tried to have a restful day -Bob continues to cough - but I did go into the city, to go to the bank. The Park'n'Ride was busy, and the tree was up in the centre of the shopping precinct. It has fake snow on it, which seems a little weird to me.

There was a German market, and I bought a paprika sausage as a gift to cheer up my ailing man.

In Waterstones, I looked for India Knight's book, which is reviewed here . They had 4 copies in stock - but couldn't find them! On the way out of the store,I put a donation in the Samaritans collection box "Can we wrap a gift for you?" said the lady. I explained the only thing I had bought was a sausage for Bob - and she laughed and said she couldn't gift wrap that as it didn't have any corners!!!

When I got back to the village I called in at the library to order the book [special Christmas offer- orders are free in December] but discovered that they do not have it - and it is not listed anywhere in the whole Leicester County  Catalogue.I have to go back again with full publishers details for them apparently, and then they may get it.

Went to the church at 6.15 and stayed an hour with 2 friends - but the message had got round and mercifully we were not bombarded with disappointed panto fans.

6 days to Christmas


  1. We are lucky that a local book store here will order any book for you and you are not obligated to buy it.

  2. Hello, Angela,
    I'm not sure about the Bishop's Wife being called something else in the UK--it is an older movie--made in 1947, starring Cary Grant, David Niven, and Loretta Young. It is very good, and well worth it if you can find it. It was "updated" several years ago, and was then called "The Preacher's Wife." But I am partial to older movies. Thank you for writing. I wish I could be more help. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Karen - I remember The preacher's Wife - I shall continue to check out the earlier film- thanks for the information. I think my favourte Cary Grant film is probably North-by-Northwest.
    Happy Christmas
    AG - I am hoping the library will get it sorted for me!


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