Saturday, 13 December 2008

Don't put it down, put it away!!

Why do I not listen to the advice I give to others? I must worker harder at practising what I preach!

When the girls were younger, I frequently bemoaned the state of their bedrooms "Stuff all over the floor, and on the bed - how do you find anywhere to sleep?" Well, I think I should apologise to them, it is probably genetic [although I notice now they are grown -up, they have got much, much tidier even if their mother hasn't]

The last few weeks have been frantically busy with costumes and crafts and Christmas preparations and church stuff - and I confess I have used Steph's room as a general dumping ground in between dashing here and there.


IM003066 This room looks like a real candidate for Dawna Walters "Life Laundry" programme.

I did buy her book once, in the hopes that it might be of use. But when I read her instruction "If you have not read a book in six months, get rid of it", I decided she and I would never see eye-to-eye on things. I love my books, but some only get read every couple of years or so - that's no reason to discard them. I sold her book on Amazon though!

I have spent the entire day working on the room, filling bin bags and sorting stuff [found a purse containing £7 worth of change, which was wonderful, also something I bought in Dublin in August and hadn't seen since!]

I also found Steph's bed, underneath it all. OK girls - it is safe for you to come home for Christmas now!


The I-pod downstairs continues to churn out Christmas tunes. I hadn't heard "The Cowboy Carol" for years

There'll be a new world beginnin' from tonight!
There'll be a new world beginnin' from tonight!
When I climb up to my saddle,
Gonna take him to my heart!
There'll be a new world beginnin' from tonight!
Right across the prairie,
Clear across the valley,
Straight across the heart of every man,
There'll be a right new brand of livin'
That'll sweep like lightnin' fire
And take away the hate from every land.
Yoi, yippee! We're gonna ride the trail!
Yoi, yippee! We're gonna ride today!
When I climb up to my saddle,
Gonna take him to my heart!
There'll be a new world beginnin' from tonight!

Not sure of the theology of it - and does anybody out there ever actually sing this one, other than primary school choirs with enthusiastic music teachers? Sir Malcolm Sargent apparently produced a popular arrangement of it back in 1952. I confess to an aversion to songs with 'gonna' and 'wanna' in them, though!

Tonight we are going to a choir concert, "Synergy" is newly formed in the village and a number of friends from church have joined. It will be interesting to hear their musical choices.


  1. Weird synchronicity - we got to the concert, and they performed the Cowboy Carol!

  2. It was a very good concert - not just for the Cowboy Carol! What a talented crowd live round here.

  3. Angela

    I have recently found your interesting blogsite while off work with laryngitis. How I agree with your comment about songs with "wanna" and "gonna" in them, they are one of my pet hates too , closely followed by the incorrect use of the apostrophe.I prefer more traditional hymns with sound theology or decent modern songs like those of Graham Kendrick. Mind you some of those old CSSM choruses that we used to sing could be a bit dire too.

    I'm often in Leicester as Rachel is still there working as a mental health nurse in the community, married and with a delightful little boy.

  4. Ann
    Thanks so much for the comment - lovely to hear from you. I am becoming very fond of some of Stuart Townend's stuff.
    Hope the laryngitis is better soon.
    Good to know the Dereham/Leicester link is stil there! Maybe we will meet up in one location or the other sometime!
    Blessings- Ang x


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