Saturday, 27 December 2008

Pay It Forward

Yesterday, after bowling, we took a quick trip to Borders - cos all 4 of us love bookshops. I dithered for ages about treating myself to a  curried-lentil-soup-fb magazine, and finally decided to get the American Christmas Edition of Good Housekeeping [my sister-in-law kindly gives me a  subscription to the UK one as my Christmas gift each year]


There were some nice ideas in it [like this soup-in-a-jar] Eventually decided I would treat myself- and then when I got to the till, the girl said "Err, it has been paid for" "Pardon" "The customer ahead of you left £10 to pay for the next customer's items"

"Oh, wow! a pay-it-forward, how lovely!" I said "Thank you" There was one other person behind me in the queue, with a paperback book. "How much is your book?" I called out- and she said - so I gave the assistant some cash and said that money -plus the change from my magazine, should cover her purchase - and put the pennies left over into the charity box please.

"I have never had this happen before" said the assistant. She was quite bemused by the whole business. I was really excited, and have never been on the receiving and of a P-I-F before. The magazine is full of loads of super projects.


Not altogether convinced by this tie wreath though.

It needs 19 ties - and even if I could persuade Bob to part with some, I doubt they would make an attractive wreath.

We watched the DVD of Evan Almighty the other night - that is full of A-R-Ks [Acts of Random Kindness] Should I be thinking about New Year's Resolutions like "Do a P-I-F or A-R-K each week" instead of the more self centred goals [continue to lose weight, and exercise more] which I was considering?? I haven't made a New year's Resolution for many years. Will have to think further on this one.


  1. That is so neat, to be a recipient of a pay it forward! It is a good idea to have a new year's resolution about that...I usually don't have resolutions...because I never follow them through! An excellent idea to think on! Thanks.

  2. Hi Angela -I like the tie wreath (minus the bow though) but as you say 19 ties - quite a lot unless we do a midnight raid on Tie Rack!
    Last year I tried to do an ARK every day - only for a week - and it was so hard to do! I think I might make that a New Year Res too. Love the PIF - poor sales girl - lol!! I love it when people can't understand the nice stuff - our church go carolling door to door & take no money but give out mince pies instead - the villagers still can't grasp it after all these years - lol!!

  3. What a lovely Christmassy story.

  4. Thanks for all these comments - it does seem difficult to get people to accept ARKs though.


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