Monday 8 June 2009

Coming Through The Rye

DSCF0037 Found one of these lurking at the back of the cupboard so decided to make it up.

They sell these in IKEA and you simply open the top, pour in a pint of water, hold the top closed [carefully!] then shake it like mad for 45 seconds.

Then you pour it into a loaf tin and bake it. It produces a deliciously nutty rye bread which is particularly good with savoury things - and satisfying and moist enough to eat without butter.

I used my weird silicon loaf pan, because things turn out without sticking - so the bottom was very smooth with a ridge on it.












DSCF0039 You can see the lovely grains distributed through the slices.

It has a very dense texture, and I am sure it would keep well, if only we didn't eat it up so fast!

It is lovely spread with cottage cheese and sliced strawberries.


  1. Ooh that looks tasty. I'll keep an eye out next time we're near an Ikea :)

  2. Bread from a milk carton! You Brits are so advanced!


    p.s. It looks delicious. Wish we had it here!

  3. Frances - don't you have IKEA near you? I thought it was everywhere these days.
    Sera - it is tasty, does J like rye bread?

  4. Yes actually, J does like it... he says its more like the bread from 'back home' than what we have here.

    When I try to bake it though, it never quite comes out right; can't have a knack for everything :)


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