Monday, 1 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Church!

Pentecost Sunday was a beautiful day - sunshine and blue skies. Bob did the morning service and I did the evening- both of us focussing on where the church is and how we should be impacting on the world. He was preaching from Colossians and I was in 1 Thessalonians 1.

waikerie In the morning, we had  two Australian visitors- Lucy from Adelaide has been a penpal of Chris from Leicester for nearly 30 years! She and her Mum Bev were visiting Europe and stopped off in the village for the weekend. They were telling me that Bev's Mum, Adele Barratt had been a keen organist. During convalescence following an operation, she had composed a setting for the Catholic Mass, and this has been officially recognised. It is called "The Waikerie Mass". Chris is going to send me some more details. What a constructive thing to do with convalescence- to write some music for the glory of God.

In the afternoon Bob went off to County Hall to the Motorbike Event - but was back fairly quickly - I don't think there was that much to see!

In the evening we sang a hymn which I really enjoy - it is set to Beethoven's 9th, and I think it sums up neatly that being a Christian is not a one-day-a-week activity.

calendar Be the God of all my Sundays, be the focus of my praise;

It is you I choose to honour on this special day of days.

God who made me, God who saved me, with your people I belong

As we come to hear you speaking and to join our hearts in song.

Be the God of all my Mondays: let my lifestyle make you known;

Give me courage in confession when for you I stand alone.

Be my God through work and leisure,

rest and travel, day and night;

Let me keep a clear awareness of a life lived in your sight.

Be the God I serve and worship day by day, throughout the week,

God whose flawless care sustains me,

God whose guiding word I seek.

Be my God through ev’ry moment, ev’ry circumstance I face,

God of life in its completeness, God of holy, daily grace.

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