Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Relaxation Therapy

DSCF0024 It is amazing what 36 hours of rest and recuperation can do! We got to Cornerstones, and there was the cooker all installed and working - thanks to my Brilliant Brother! Bob put up the hood on Monday.

Then he went into the loft to sort out the TV aerial. Up there, he found all sorts of strange items left by the previous owners - including a key-ring, which I have immediately requisitioned for the garage padlock key.



Isn't that great?

I wonder how long 'trust' has been lying up there in the dark between the joists?

We took with us this time a chandelier.

gospel chandelier It is called "Gospel" and is from IKEA. I first saw these years ago, and declared I really must have the Gospel shining out in my home! We finally purchased one which was in pieces for next to nothing in the Bargain Basement of the Croydon store, in the early 1990s.

Sadly, in nearly twenty years, we have never had high enough ceilings to hang it safely. I suggested we might try it over the dining table at Cornerstones - but it doesn't look right there either.

So whilst I am glad that we have found "Trust" I am sorry to report that "The Gospel" has gone back into its box, and will remain in the garage a little longer, not shedding its light anywhere. What kind of hopeless failure at evangelism is that??  Maybe I should use it for a Children's Talk sometime [and somehow justify the £5 I spent on it]

I took loads of pictures of the rooms as they are just about ready now, and I cut the grass [after a fashion - gardening's not my thing]Bob relaxed with his new Musicademy Guitar Lesson DVDs


Then we returned some other borrowed DVDs to Richard and Sarah [I love her new mini!] and had a little drive around the villages, stopping in Reepham to buy some meat for the new BBQ.

DSCF0033 We had a lovely meal sitting out on the decking, and agreed it was a very relaxing break, even if very short.

We saw some fun things in Reepham, including a Mini Moke



What a fun way to travel - but in the summer only, I think!



And we bought peaches in a greengrocer's shop with a clever name



Looking at Meloncaulie Rose reminded me of a song I learned 40 years ago, and I dedicate this little ditty to my friend ElizabethD over at her charming blog FrenchVillageLife , because this song should be sung to the tune of the French Melody "Frere Jacques"

Do try singing it!

Life is but a,

Life is but a

Melancholy flower, melancholy flower

Life is but a melon -

Life is but a melon

Cauliflower, cauliflower!


  1. Well, merci beaucoup Angela! I even sang it to the tune of Frere Jacques!
    How lovely to hear that you had such a relaxing time at Cornerstones. Sorry to hear that the light wont be shining from the Gospel though!

  2. I have that very light fitting. It's hanging over the dining table, if we lean over the table to cut up the youngest's food we always brain ourselves on it! I love it because I can dangle things off it. See Whitsun doves post! I can tell you're having fun making your new home. God bless.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I WILL work out how to get the Gospel shining somewhere, if it kills me. Yours looks lovely with the doves on it though, DD!

  4. Hey Glad you liked Mickey the Mini.... he's just fab.... we used to live in Reepham, smashing little town.


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