Friday 5 June 2009

Robin and Richard

A very satisfying creative morning, working on costumes. First, using a Simplicity pyjama pattern from 1970, I was able to make a simple collarless tunic for Robin Hood.


I used a nylon velour type fabric. Cheap and cheerful! But it looks good on stage, and will go well with the hats I made earlier.

I decided against any fastening other than a popper at the top - the lad concerned can wear a T-shirt under it, and fasten with a belt. That way it will fit other children in subsequent productions.



The hats were incredibly easy. Make a pattern with a bit of newspaper thus

Draw a right angled triangle 22cm by 34 cm.

Draw a curved edge to the hypotenuse [about 5cm at widest point]

Pin onto a piece of folded felt - the fold being on the 34cm edge.

Sew seam along the 22cm edge

Fold up curved edge, press into place

Sew curved edge down and tuck in a few feathers!

Then I turned a pair of old curtains into an outfit for Richard the Lionheart

I made a balaclava hood from some grey fabric which was lurking in the loft [used an old hoodie of Steph's to get a pattern]


I cut this out four times, to make it double thickness, and with all the seams on the inside.

Then I used my round IKEA tea tray again, to get a circular yoke [single thickness].

All done and dusted on the overlocker in double quick time !



Then I took two old curtains, sewed them along the top, with a 30cm gap. This was a little tight for my head, so I put a tiny slit in, to allow a bit more room! Using Bondaweb and a scrap of red suedette, I put a Crusader's Cross on the chest.


The lad playing Richard is only 4cm shorter than me, so that helped with fitting!

I didn't bother with side seams, just a belt- having made a webbing loop to hang the sword.

An ancient grey long-sleeved T-shirt from Gap completed the outfit, along with plain black trousers.

Went outside for Bob to photograph the ensemble.

DSCF0044 I am never sure about swords- if you are right handed, I think you hang them on the left, so you draw them out of the scabbard across your body.

Yesterday I took the habits and jester's costumes in for fittings. They all fitted and the children were really pleased with them. Next up for construction will be Maid Marion and The Sheriff of Nottingham.

But first, off for an afternoon's teaching in my 'other' school, and Bob is going Hospital Visiting.

I've just remembered a totally inappropriate Ogden Nash Poem [learned years ago at school!] which I shall not be mentioning to my classes. He does manage to contrive some wonderful rhymes

A Crusader's wife slipped from the garrison

And had an affair with a Saracen

She was not oversexed, or jealous or vexed,

She just wanted to make a comparison.


  1. Loved the poem. Loved it.

    Great outfits, btw. My youngest, after a seeing a demonstration at Bosworth field, said "I don't want to be a princess any more I want to be a knight!" I may make her a little version of that wonderful Richard the Lionheart outfit.

  2. You look fab as a knight. I am very envious of your ability to make something from pieces of flat fabric, thread and newspapers.

  3. DD - I'm sure your youngest will be a Knight To Remember!

    CC - you have amazing skills with yarn and knitting needles. We cannot all be gifted at everything.


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