Monday 29 June 2009

Good Sports!

DSCF0015 Here is the wonderful Pirate Ship which the PFA  recently  provided for the school field.


DSCF0016 And here is Bob under a gazebo, doing the PA for school Sports Day.

It was BAKING hot, and we were very glad of the shade.


The rubber safety mats which we put over the cables got very warm, and smelled quite awful! Nearby the Scoring Team kept all the marks recorded efficiently on a laptop



Lots of parents and grandparents came to support the children, who circulated round the field in their teams scoring points at different activities.

It was a very successful afternoon, and I hope left everyone in a positive frame of mind for tomorrow's Ofsted.

But I'm glad I am not in tomorrow...


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  1. Ooh good luck for OFSTED for your school.
    That was one of my old jobs - preparing our partner school- based nurseries for OFSTED - when they were OFSTEDed so was I - so I had 5 OFSTED's in 18 months - scary stuff!


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