Wednesday 17 June 2009

The Girls Worked Hard Tonight

One finished apron


And a pair of pjs with a little appliqued and embroidered patch on the vest top...



...and all the remaining church tablecloths finished. So next week we are going to start work on Needlecases.

Kate suggested she could give her Dad the apron for Fathers' Day - but in the end thought her grandmother would probably appreciate it more.

I was exhausted at Sewing Club this evening, but the girls' enthusiasm seemed boundless!


  1. I wish I had a sewing club to go to. I love those jams!


  2. I'm not surprised you were exhausted you tire me out just reading about your busy life :)
    I think sewing club is a brilliant idea!

  3. I remember a time when I taught at a local convent school and had to take yr 5 for sewing. The hardest thing was to think of what to do next! There were enough cross stitch gingham tablecloths to cover a small hotel dining room!


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