Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hang on the Bell, Nellie!

DSCF0040 On my quick dash into town for some Holiday Club Materials, I had a look in one of the Charity Shops. For £2 I found this wonderful bargain - which looks as if it has been used for generations to call children in to their lessons. Only £2 - I couldn't resist it. I brought it home and polished it up.

Except it is a very silent bell. The clapper has...gone like the clappers, so to speak, to wherever it is that clappers go. Bob assures me [as I knew he would] that he can easily rectify this for me. That man sure knows how to ring my bell!

Thinking of bells reminded me of this fabulous old ditty, which my Dad used to sing to me years ago - I must have been only five or six years old the first time. As well as a vast, immeasurable repertoire of hymns and sacred songs, he would often come out with other err...less spiritual offerings...like this one

And after the song, he gave me an explanation about 'curfew' coming from the Old French cuevrefeu 'cover the fire' . You just don't forget the lessons you learn like that. Similarly, much of my knowledge of Anne Boleyn is irrevocably bound up with memories of Dad singing "Wiv 'er 'ead tucked Underneath 'er Arm!"


  1. What a funny old song! The bell IS pretty and fascinating, too. I bet it DOES have a rich history.

  2. When I retired from teaching, I was given a silver bell that sits on a wall plaque. It rings too :)

  3. You know, when you have kids around the house, a bell without a clapper isn't such a bad thing. I know your girls are grown, but they'll bring home grandbabies ...



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