Sunday, 21 June 2009

Out Of Africa

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Tom was at Church this morning - he and Alex fly off to Tanzania on Wednesday for this year's East African Playgrounds Project. Do check out their website, and please pray for them [and send them some dosh if you can!]

tom-gill These are just two ordinary lads from our village, who grew up in the house opposite our chapel and are part of our church family - who want to make a difference in the world for God. And they are!

A crazy idea has grown into a fully registered charity. And we are doing all we can to support and encourage them.

Lots of visitors at Church again today [it must be summer!] and now we are off to an Open Air Songs of Praise Service in the village - followed by a Cream Tea.

And the sun is shining - Hallelujah for that!

cream tea

And after the tea...Cornerstones for 36 hours of R&R.

Bob seems to be enjoying Father's Day [even if the Silverstone Grand Prix wasn't won by a Brit]

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  1. You guys are SO busy! I hope you enjoy some peace and rest!


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