Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Stack Neatly, Save Space**

Sarah, at this lovely blog alerted me to a great Graphs website. One of them was obviously drawn with my kitchen in mind.

tupperware lids

Liz is starting from scratch building up a tidy collection of lock&lock from Lakeland. I am not as organised as my daughter is, obviously!

** This was one of Tupperware's early slogans.


  1. I keep Tupperware lids in a drawer. They don't stack, don't lie neatly, and fall out of the back of the drawer into the cupboard below where I can't reach them!

    Narnia is about right!

  2. Yes, where the heck ARE my lids? I like to think that they're in Narnia.

  3. Narnia!!

    That's where they are :)

  4. Lol I've got a post saved in draft with this one, it really made me laugh! What is it with tupperware and lids that either seem to shrink, will never lock shut or are in ...well...Narnia?


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