Thursday, 6 October 2011


definition 1- To rain gently in fine drops, from the Old English ‘dreosan’ – to fall [like the dew]

definition 2 - cause a thin stream of (a liquid ingredient) to trickle over food

We have had drizzle [#1] today – real autumnal weather. Last week, a friend** gave me some tomatoes, and I realised we would be unlikely to eat them all before they passed their best. So I sliced them in half, laid them neatly in a baking tin, sprinkled them with herbs and gave them a drizzle [#2] of olive oil


After two hours in the oven, on very low heat, they were considerably shrunken.


But the kitchen smelled glorious – Mediterranean Summer inside even if British Autumn outside. They are now in a jar in the fridge, covered with a little more oil, all ready to add some summer warmth to my cooking.

**so many of my friends are brilliant at growing tomatoes. I am beginning to wonder if I should simply abandon my hitherto fruitless attempts at horticulture and just barter my skills [chutney for beans, sewing for apples…]


  1. They are also lovely made into roast tomato soup.

  2. Did some drizzling of my own here today :-)

  3. They look wonderful! Would they work well on a pizza? I've never had tomatoes prepped this way. ~Liz

  4. We have had much more success with tomatoes this year as there was a lovely greenhouse here when we moved in. We have grown in a plastic greenhouse and also a conservatory in the past but the glass greenhouse has been the best.

  5. Mmmm...spread onto a pizza with lots of roast garlic.
    Jane x

  6. Just a lot of tiny green tomatoes from our garden this year - the growing season was a near total loss. I'll be making Green Tomato Chow Chow!

  7. Oh, I'd love a whiff of your kitchen as the tomatoes roasted! You grew peas, remember?

  8. I recently swapped two of my blackberry and apple muffins for a pair of secondhand shock absorbers for my motorcycle !! Bargain !!
    Your tomatoes look wonderful - I can almost smell them from here.


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