Saturday, 22 October 2011

Just Waiting For Family To Arrive!

Bob’s on holiday, so he is cooking again! His bro and SIL are coming over for a meal [we’ve all been so busy, it is the first time for absolutely ages] I get the less stressful tasks – setting the table and preparing dessert – Bob has done the bulk of the meal.


Going for a green and white colour scheme here. Aren’t the glass candlesticks gorgeous- my other SIL Marion gave them to me last month.

I’ve been watching Ina Garten on TV recently [we just discovered we can get the Food Network between 6 and 10pm each evening] She maintains that an arrangement of white flowers always looks good on the dinner table.

Bob’s prepared a great menu

King Prawn Ceviche

Chilli con Carne [with rice, nachos, guacamole and creme fraiche]

Chocolate Mousse and Fresh Fruit


The chilli is looking very good. I am not posting a picture of the ceviche – as the prawns are still resting in their marinade, and to be honest, do not look very appetising just yet!


The theory is that if you leave the avocado stone in the middle of the guacamole, then it will retain its green colour until you are ready to serve it. I am not sure about this- I suspect it is the lime juice which prevents the oxidation!

The chocolate mousse is Nigella’s Express recipe. I am anxious about this to be honest – it is more ‘set’ than a conventional mousse made with eggs – but it looks good served in the little espresso cups.


As an alternative/extra to this rather rich pudding, I have got some fresh fruit and arranged it on my favourite Midwinter Cake Stand. Apples, satsumas, plums, clementines and grapes. [When I was young you only got grapes if you were really ill!]


This half term holiday has turned out nothing like originally planned – instead of a quiet week at Cornerstones, we have been all over the place, seen Liz, Jon, Steph and Mark, and tonight Frank and Barbara – and tomorrow we finish off the week with a quick dash to Norfolk to see Adrian, Marion and Lucy. They are out of our place now, and into their new home.

I have really enjoyed this holiday week when we have both been free of ‘regular’ work commitments, even though we have been so busy. I still haven’t finished making that kilt though…

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