Friday, 21 October 2011

To Infinity And Beyond

So I have made Steph a birthday grey Moebius scarf– which has one edge and one side, so you can run your finger along it to infinity. But I had already made her, [before the scarf request came] a warm red beret. Steph can wear any sort of hat and look good!

The pattern came from Claire Crompton’s “Knitted Accessories”

knittedaccessoriesbook by ccrompton

Claire also wrote “The Knitter’s Bible” – and I can recommend that as an excellent starter for beginner knitters. It teaches simple techniques and then gives manageable projects using them.

This book has equally clear instructions, and great things to make.

DSCF2536This is the beret, being modelled again by my cardboard Buff lady.

It is quite apparent now just how small her head is!

Below is the beret flat on the table. I don’t remember knitting a beret before, and I am pleased at how beautifully circular it is.

And if you are wondering why this fetching


piece of headgear is not being modelled by a real person, I shall just point out that it is too small for Bob to try on – and he would probably look like a French Onion seller. And I just look dire! Rather like Benny Hill, I’m afraid

But Steph, I’m sure, will look as chic as Kate.

benny hill beret

kate beret

Congratulations, Steph!

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  1. What a lovely beret.I used to wear one when somewhat younger and have always been very fond of them. She's going to look very smart!


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