Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I Blame PomPom!

Last week PomPom did a post all about pixies.


She is very fond of pixies and gnomes and their eccentric wardrobe, and made especial mention of their feet.

I have been aware of the weather turning wintry– and I certainly feel the cold. I am glad I sorted out my summer/winter wardrobe swap last week

But I have identified a problem

- my winter trousers are all too big, so I am planning on wearing thick tights [I have a bag of these which have lasted me years] and/or my new leggings. But what does one wear on one’s feet in the winter months if wearing leggings? I cannot live in my best knee high black leather boots! Observation of others leads me to believe the answer is pixie boots.

I saw some for £12 in Primark, in Loughborough but they seemed very poor quality. Then I went into the nearby Heart Foundation Shop. There they were- a brand new pair of red boots from Office labelled “Size 6, £15”.[I think they retail at £60 or more] I am size 5. I tried them on. Perfect fit! I think they have been wrongly sized – I wonder if someone bought them mail order, and couldn’t be bothered to return them when they proved to be too small?

Here they are- my own little red pixie boots!


I can wear them with cuffs folded down, or up to midcalf. Skipping about happily wearing my bargain boots. No PomPom, I am not going to make myself a red pointy hat or a strange triangular dress. But I have just remembered that I do have a pair of these …


I wore them for a Comic Relief event at school, when I went dressed as Beryl The Peril.

And I did make Mark an elf costume for a New Year’s Party back in 2008. That is now up in the box of costumes in the loft.

So I suppose I could be a properly dressed pixie if the need arose.

But maybe not when I am Supply Teaching or Lay Preaching!

I’m as happy as Dorothy when she skipped to Oz in her ruby red shoes [but only red in the technicolor film – in Frank Baum’s original book they were silver]


  1. What a bargain Angela! They are perfect for the winter weather.

    Sft x

  2. a great pair of boots at a great price.....

    Gill in Canada

  3. I'm in love with your pixie boots! You are a proper pixie!
    Please don't write off the possibility of a pixie hat. You may find one just your size! Must find yarn for my pixie hat as soon as I arrive in Denver. Must be on the look out for pixie boots now . . .
    Great post, Angela!

  4. Love the boots and love the pixies and I don't see a problem with a pixie hat if that is what you would like -- you might be a trendsetter!

  5. Oh I LOVED these boots. Charity shops are my favourite shops - love them all!

    By the way the link is sorted over on my blog - thanks for letting me know of the problem.

  6. glad you all liked the boots. Thanks for sorting the link, Denise x

  7. Oh this is VERY now! You could fit right in at our school gates. Minus the pixie hat!

  8. Put on your red boots and...dance! (Apologies to ?David Bowie?)

    Sandie xx


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