Sunday, 9 October 2011

Supper Seuss Style

A simple supper for two– but you need to think about it the day before. Put a piece of gammon in your slow cooker. Pour over a bottle of REAL cola [NOT diet version – must have sugar in it] Leave to cook overnight. Elvis liked his ham like this, I’m told. My piece gave enough sliced ham for 8 portions [supper, then sandwiches etc]

Make a salad from whatever is in the fridge. Finally, beat three eggs in a jug and add a generous tablespoon of pesto sauce [from a jar if you haven’t any home-made around]

green eggs - no ham

Slice the ham, put the salad on the plates, then fry 4 thin omelettes and fold neatly into triangles. Serve.

Ignore comments of husband who is cheerfully declaring

“I do not LIKE green eggs and ham”

It actually tasted very good – and he ate it all up.

why can’t they spell Seuss?


  1. Oh, that brings back memories! How my children loved Dr Seuss/suess!!

  2. I have often wondered if I'd acually like ham in cola. If you like it, I suspect I would! And I love the addition of the green eggs.

  3. My Mum used to cook ham in cider, same idea I suppose. Not sure about green eggs but might give it a try.


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