Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Redeeming Love

At the Connexion Conference last weekend, a friend said during the coffee break “Ang, I’ve gone wrong with my knitting - can you help?” – we agreed to look at it together in the afternoon.


I showed her the technique my MIL taught me, of threading a finer needle through a lower row, so it was easy to unpick past the faulty row and still have all the stitches on the needle.

Someone came along as I was showing her, and said “Whatever are you doing, Ang?” Without thinking, I replied “I am enjoying an opportunity to practice redemption! The knitting has gone all wrong, and I am saving it”

unpick error

The owner of the knitting said “I would never have thought of it like that. It was just a total mess to me, and I didn’t think it could ever be put right”

As we were all Pastors’ Wives, we then ended up discussing the truth that whatever happens with our yarn and needles, we all believed passionately in the truth of redemption and salvation for all people - whatever  mess and tangle they’ve made of their lives.

needle cross

To God be the glory, great things He has done;
So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,
Who yielded His life an atonement for sin,
And opened the life gate that all may go in.

O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood,
To every believer the promise of God;
The vilest offender who truly believes,
That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.


  1. A brilliant image and a good tip! Cx

  2. Going back to an earlier theme - I still have quite a few apples to be processed before I lose them. I was thinking about your potted apple. Did your recipe book say how long it would keep? I know that if processed in a water bath, it will keep for a couple of years or more but I am conscious of the amount of gas that I used to water bath the jars of apple at the weekend.

    My grandmother taught me to rectify mistakes in my knitting in the same manner. I never saw her have to unpick any of her own work though.


  3. What a wonderful practical example, and one of my favourite hymns as well.

  4. I've "redeemed" my attempt at a mobius loop twice now... That sample I did was fine, but I can't make it work in the chunky bobbly stuff I want to use for the real thing. But I like the concept of redeeming it!

    And I think it must be Wordpress that made me log in to comment, as this doesn't seem to have a problem.


  5. That really made me stop and think. Thank you, you have such a gift of seeing these things and them putting them into words so I can understand. It's wonderful
    x x x

  6. Jo _ I think the potted apples should keep at least 6 months if not a year.

    Lynn- glad you can comment at last- I was most impressed by your crochet Moebius loop at the weekend, so I hope you get it to work

    everyone else - thanks!

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  8. Beautiful analogy... especially to us knitters. And I love that shawl pin!

    Blessings, Debbie


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