Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Cut And Sew

Sewing Club tonight, and I am planning to wear some appropriate Christmas Presents. My Rend Collective tee-shirt [which Bob purchased when we were at the “Big Church Night In” in November


Isn’t it wonderful?

And then, I received from two sisters in the club this little box containing jewellery for a needlewoman…


I love these little scissor ear-rings. Steph, being my Christmas Elf-And-Safety, suggested I should not run whilst wearing them. According to Debs, their Mum,the girls spotted these last summer in the V&A, and bought them then and there to keep safe and then to give me for Christmas. I shall treasure them!

Thank you Bob, Hannah and Grace for such splendid gifts.


  1. Thoughtful gifts from thoughtful people.Lovely.

  2. Love both those gifts, and how thoughtful they are.

  3. Oh these gifts were not just chosen but surely made with you in mind! Rend- so fabulous at every turn. PC works with their merchandising guy (dad of girl drummer) and I shall name-droppingly pass on compliments!!

  4. I love the T-shirt! Very you! You could wear it running.....Cx

    1. Sadly until I get my knee fixed I can't manage running!


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