Friday, 11 January 2013

Just A Word Or Two

This is it. New job starts today. Oooh… mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation. I have been told that one child has particular needs and I should not expect him to always follow what the others are doing. He will have one-to-one support though [that’s good]

I picked this up in the charity shop on Tuesday afternoon


For only £1.50, it is a brilliant source of letters and I thought I would make some word bags. Simple drawstring bags, each containing 5 or 6 letters – and he can take them and try and make as many words as he can DSCF5147from the selection inside. I have started with

b r e a d

s m i l e

l a r g e

p a s t e

s p o u t

t h r e a d

but I can always change these around later.

[I wanted sets of letters which made 2, 3,4 and DSCF51485 letter words]

The rest of the class are working on speech, and inverted commas, so i have also made a bag of word cards so he can try building up sentences.

All of these have gone into a larger sack – which has his name embroidered on itDSCF5149.

I am hoping he will enjoy these activities- and it will be useful resource to have in my school bag.

The prospect of doing some teaching again is quite wonderful. as is the prospect of being paid again!


  1. Good luck, Ang. I hope you have a great time... is it a permanent job, or what? You look mega-prepared, which is always confidence boosting.

  2. This sounds like a longer term job, not just supply and that must be a good thing. Hope it goes well today : )

  3. Good luck with your new job. x

  4. Yay for new job! Hope it goes well.
    Lynn P

  5. Fabulous resources Ang. Your parcel of love arrived today x x x

  6. What a great idea! Hope that today goes well. Jx

  7. Brilliant idea Angela,you will both be blessed by this experience,you by his needs and you by being able to help. Shine

  8. Hi Angela!
    Great news! Hope all went well today. And I know I shouldn't be surprised at how you adapted the Scrabble to be a fab. teaching resource...but I am! I would've probably just bought it to use as a game -- a bit more work needed on my path to creativity methinks, ha ha!

  9. Sounds like you have wonderful activities planned. I hope your first day goes well, Angela!

  10. I like your word ideas. It will be something different so I'm sure it will hold his interest for a little while.
    Hope you have a good day.

  11. Do you expense the school for this sort of thing,Angela, or do you end up out of pocket?
    Jane x

  12. Thats a great idea Angela, I would never have thought of it.

  13. I'm sure he will love his special word bags. I've always been loathe to use Scrabble letters as a spelling tool in my work, due to the capitals, but of course, Junior Scrabble is the way forward! Thanks for that idea!

  14. And of course I forgot to say, good luck with the new job!!

  15. Great stuff! Use to love a new term feeling, all the new books etc.

  16. That took me back to my days of making useful helpful things for the groups I had.
    Prayers for a successful day.

  17. These look so professional - perhaps you should think about making & selling Learning Resources when you aren't getting so much classroom work.

  18. Yay, its been a while coming but hope you enjoy it and it goes well. Two of my sons have had one to one with teachers for periods of time and it is always appreciated.

  19. Angela, all the best with the new post. They are lucky to have you. Cheers


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