Friday, 18 January 2013

Did The Earth Move For You?

Ice SignThe main weather news in the UK today is of course the SNOW. The school where I am currently working on Fridays closed early – and my journey home [usually around 25 minutes] took 75 minutes! The roads were very icy  and cars were sliding all over the place. Slow and steady gets home safely.

But the other news is that we had an EARTHQUAKE here in Leicestershire at 5.20 this morning [details on BBC website] It was allegedly felt up to 25 miles away from the epicentre in Loughborough – but Bob and I slept right through it.

I do hope all of you reading this are warm and safe- and that your journeys today have not been too fraught. The forecast is that it is going to get even colder over the next few days.

Hannah The Bicycle is going to be staying in the garage for the foreseeable future. I am not risking riding her in these conditions. As my teaching assistant pointed out, it would be rather unfortunate to fall and break a leg just before my knee operation!



Dreamer, over at ‘slow and simple life’ has posted this today, because it is A A Milne’s birthday.

I just had to add it to my post

Eeyore obviously wasn’t in Loughborough this morning.


  1. I get up at 5.15 every morning and make a cuppa tea ,never felt a thing

  2. Odd things happened here as a result of a minor earthquake..dry land became flooded and sulphur oozed out of the ground when it rained.
    Jane x

  3. Well, even we had snow, and several of Son 1's teachers couldn't get in on time... so he came home until his lessons started up again! That's about as exciting as it got here in Toulouse. I'm trying not to let Son 2 hear about the UK, because he'd be so jealous... I'm glad you're keeping safe, though.

  4. No earthquakes here in my little corner of Scotland, and not much snow either, yet, but it is absolutely freezing :)

  5. No snow and no earthqaukes where I am... the last time there was an earthquake in/around Hull I felt it in Dibley, so guess I would probably have been woken by the L'boro one.

    keep warm and safe.


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