Monday, 14 January 2013

Maker’s Dozen

2013 resolutions

I found this on the Simply Crochet blog – 13 New Year resolutions for crafters in 2013.

cold sheepI love the term to go “cold sheep” – i.e. to only use yarn from the Great Stash. I have been attempting that for a little while now. If it is not cheating, I am currently working on a combination of five of these resolutions – finishing a started project, learning to crochet better, using up my stash, to make [complete] an afghan, which will be for charity.

Having learned to crochet on my trip to Belfast in 2011, and been a ‘guest member’ of Hookery In The Bookery on my return trip to NI in 2012, I have decided to make a crocheted blanket for Heather’s son Matthew to take with him on his next Leprosy Mission trip. Now the ‘new season’ programmes have started [Lewis, Midsomer, Borgen] I can watch TV and hook away happily. And blanket making is a brilliant way of keeping my knees warm!

Have you set yourself any craft challenges this year?


  1. Hello and Happy New Year to you Angela - it will soon be February! I think that I may have to go 'cold fabricos' this season....
    Keep warm with your blankets
    Best wishes

  2. I like the phrase 'Cold Sheep'! Jx

  3. I am still aiming to learn to crochet this year.
    I will not buy any further yarn until September, when I may be tempted!

  4. I would like to design my own sweater. Nothing complicated, but it's so disappointing to knit a sweater from a pattern and have it not fit correctly. There are several good books on how to figure out your own pattern based on your measurements, and my goal is to do exactly that!


  5. Hi Angela - I already do a lot of different crafts, but I am determined to improve my skills in some of them, and crocheting is in fact one of them. I really am a total beginner and can just about do a chain! Now I need to learn how to make a continuous one before I attempt anything more complicated. Happy crocheting!

  6. My two immediate challeges are to finish crocheting my new grandson's afghans-preferably while they are still babies! Later this year I'm hoping to start learning to quilt.

  7. Finish the ripple before the Spring because blanket crochet is all about the thrill of the cosy knees, I think!!

  8. I'm participating in the 2013 pay it forward thing that's happening on facebook, I have to make 5 handmade things to give away this year. I plan on using stash yarn for at least two if not three of those things, some more stash yarn is going on a couple of baby cardigans for Malawi, and I'd like to finish my ripple blanket. I am also attempting a pair of gloves (yes, proper with fingers type gloves!) for husband. So far I'm up to the first thumb, this is way out of my comfort zone but something I want to learn.

    I can already crochet, so I'm improving my knitting!

  9. I am hoping to conquer my sewing machine! I need to set aside a day to concentrate on it, which is unlikely to happen at the moment.

  10. Will be going 'Cold Sheep' too, but this follows a trip to Glen Gallery in the first week of the year. Have been asked by 2 people to teach them to crochet today and will also be making a blanket for Matthew to take. Might tackle organising the stash once some of it has been used - but too daunting a prospect at the moment!

  11. Good resolutions all, and enjoy your crocheting. Lucky you to have Lewis now - we'll have to wait months for those episodes to be aired over here.

    My self-appointed crafting challenge for 2013 is to knit a pair of socks. :)

  12. Aiming to cold sheep as well, and actually either knit or crochet from my stash.

  13. I can crochet just fine, so this year I will be improving on the knitting - current project a pair of gloves-with-fingers for husband, way out of my comfort zone but he actually asked for them. I've used up some stash on baby cardigans for Malawi, have ongoing blanket squares for times when I can only have a tiny project with me, and have a half-finished ripple blanket under my chair which I should get on with while it's so cold!

    1. Ooh, sorry - my first comment didn't show up for ages and I thought I'd forgotten to press send, so I did it again!

      And since then, I appear to have taken on 4 more teddies as "prayer bears" for our Girls' Brigade...

  14. I'm doing a dictionary challenge by my local craft shop. I've just posted my first entry on my new blog. I'd like to knit something to, but that was something I thought last year and I still haven't done it!


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