Monday, 7 January 2013

Fabriqué En France

2013 Book Review #1

I got this one out of the Library on Saturday

Made in France – Everything Patchwork

by Corinne Crasbercu


It is beautifully photographed

everythingpatchwork mushrooms

Forty different projects for quilts, bags and accessories

Everything Patchwork basket

There’s nothing particularly novel, complicated or unusual in the book – and most of the items are useful, and would make good gifts.

It is so pretty to read through – and the instructions are very well laid out if you do want to make the projects.

everythingpatchwork mushrooms

I think the fact that all the fabrics are in pink/red/white/blue colourways [with the occasional black or emerald accent] means everything looks so co-ordinated and tasteful. My own Great Stash has ‘just growed’ like Topsy’s hair, so it is rather more random and rainbow-like and my creations do not match each other so stylishly.

Everything Patchwork teacosy

The author writes regularly for Marie Claire Idées Magazine – and it appears that there is a whole series of ‘Made In France’ Craft books  including ‘Linen and Thread’ ‘Blackwork’ and ‘Red,white and blue embroidery’ [I must check these out, to see if the library has any more]

If you are already a competent needleworker, then I think it is a book to borrow occasionally from the library, rather than to own – some projects are very simple [bunting, drawstring bag, pillowcase, apron] It does contain lots of ideas and inspiration – and the instructions, templates, and technique notes are excellent. A fun weekend read, with good suggestions for personalising accessories.

I think I would give this one a 5-star rating! *****


  1. I think I'll put that on my library list, Angela. Thank you.

  2. I thought of you as I read it - I know you have some pretty red , white and blue patchwork pieces in your stash!!


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