Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jesus Bids Us Shine…

At our WWDP Committee this week, Muriel led our afternoon prayers. She gave each of us a tealight [with a beautiful “Fresh Linen” scent] along with a slip of paper.

tea light

Use your candle as a focus this week

  • light it and think about the amount of light it is giving out
  • see how long it lasts
  • check whether it appears to burn brighter in certain places
  • realise it gives out not just light but also warmth and perfume
  • think about the amount of light that would be radiated if all our candles were burning together and think whether that is the best use of the candles.
  • think about what God might be saying to you about your ‘personal light’ – your witness.

Such a simple idea for a prayer focus, but so very challenging. Thanks, Muriel!


  1. Gosh, yes. Food, or light, for thought.

  2. I remember singing that song at Sunday school, age about 8.

  3. I REALLY like that, very thought provoking and so simple. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ooooh, indeed, that's a great way to provoke thought! Thank you for your lovely, kind comment! Yes, I am blessed and He has held me close this week!x

  5. Very challenging indeed! A great way to focus thoughts, prayers and meditations. Thank you.

  6. Such a simple but wondeful idea for focusing prayer.
    Jane x


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