Sunday, 27 January 2013

Today Is World Leprosy Day


Read more about this on the Leprosy Mission Website [here]

The Love of Christ has blossomed
in many hearts, both staff and patients.
The Truth is out!
God cares for His suffering children;
hears their cries of misery and hurt
and comes Himself to share their patient waiting
as the slow pages of history turn
to bring us to this hour of Joyous Celebration.


Now the real treasure is displayed
for all the world to see:
A people of God from the darkness of leprosy.
The discarded now valued.
The rejected now welcomed.
Hosea's prophecy fulfilled again:
"I'll call nobodies and make them somebodies.
I'll call the unloved and make them beloved.
In the place where they yelled out:
You're nobody. Now they're calling you
God's living children."


Past generations hand on the torch to us.
Hold it high with pride.
The flame is His, the Glory too.
The final victory is not yet,
But is assured.
Let's Celebrate what has been
and lay firm hold on what has yet to come.


[Poem and pictures from Sounds of Laughter, by Hugh McKee, former TLM Regional Organiser]

The Leprosy Mission has recently changed its logo

leprosy missionleprosymission NEW

according to TLM’s informative magazine, “the figure of Jesus bending down has been amended to show an angle that makes Christ look as if he is helping to lift up the person affected by leprosy kneeling at his feet. This embodies the compassion of Christ” I quite like this change of design, don’t you?


  1. The new logo is brilliant and that poem is wonderful!

  2. Read your blog today and LOVED the purple coat!

  3. The poem is just beautiful ~ like the logo too.

  4. I wish my Grandma (active in Leprosy Misson fundraising for years) could see this, but in actual fact, I guess she can, and actually knows more about all this good news than me! I am so happy that the faithful work of so many people is bearing fruit. Thanks, Ang.


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