Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Finchley Central is Two-and-Sixpence…

…from Golder’s Green on the Northern Line.

So sang the New Vaudeville Band back in 1967. I never dreamed when I used to sing that song to myself 45 years ago that one day I would have two daughters both living within a stone’s throw of Northern Line stations.

The Underground is so much part of our culture, and my own family’s history– I cannot remember the first time I ‘travelled by tube’.

My great grandfather [on Dad’s side] was involved with the underground and overground London railway systems, and his son [my grandad] was too. During the Blitz, my Mum used to go with friends from her church, to support people who were sheltering in the underground stations to get away from the bombing. She would sit and talk with them, encourage them, pray with them – and dispense tea and biscuits!

Since the end of WW2, various family members have been regular travellers on this brilliant system. I’ll be at Baker Street Station on Tuesday, en route to a committee meeting.

So that’s two songs with tube stations in - I cannot begin to list favourite books which involve the Underground

…and I mention all this because today the London Underground is 150 years old. Many happy returns [and single fares too!]

tube 150


  1. I have ordered postcards of the stamps that are being issued today to mark the anniversary. And Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street - one of my all time favourite songs. Gerry was from Paisley, my home town. I read your blog every day and always find it interesting.

    Lesley H in Livingston, West Lothian.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment Lesley - did you catch the Gerry Rafferty prog on Radio 2 last night?

  2. I really like the tube too- one of my favourite board-games is the London game (though the rest of the family hate it!) and I've always wanted to visit the ghost stations! I also love looking at the way the tube maps have changed over the years!
    By the way, I am so happy re your supply teaching, that is fantastic and a real answer to prayer!

  3. Mattman very impressed with the 150 years. Inconceivable amount of time for a nine year old, I think!

  4. Given how old it is it is amazing how well it works! I noticed that in New York the subway flooded with the storm but have never heard of that happening on the Tube.

    Hope the new year is being good to you so far. Cheers

  5. What a venerable age for the Tube to be. Fantastic. Happy New Year, Angela


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