Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Was!

DSCF4102I mentioned that the kitchen was over-run with juice cartons – around about 300, donated by folk from the church for this year’s Holiday Club Crafts. On the final day, I try to find a craft that makes very little mess, and therefore the clearing up process is fast.

This year I have TWO activities for the children – both involving juice cartons. Here is the first one. Began by trimming top and bottom of your clean, dry carton. Flatten it along two edges, and fold it into thirds. Crease as firmly as you can


Now open up the carton again, and decide on your ‘best’ panel. With this Soya Milk box, I chose the side which has no printing at all on it.

DSCF4106Now flatten your carton, by creasing the side panels inwards thus


Crease as firmly as you can. Open up the carton and cut down the side seams for one third of the lengthDSCF4108DSCF4109

Trim away the two side flaps, by cutting along those creases, and taper in the edges of the front and back flaps.

Now flatten the carton again. The ‘best’ panel should be underneath, as you fold up the bottom third.

You are going to tuck the ‘inner’ flap down inside the section which you fold up.


Crease as firmly as you can, punch a hole in the remaining flap and thread an elastic band through, looping it in place.


Fill your purse with money, shut the flap and secure with band


Front and back views


Here’s a selection of samples to show the children


I am going to print off sticky labels with our club logo, so the children can stick their names inside the ones they make in August.  These purses are remarkably durable, and very satisfying to make.

This isn’t an original idea, I learned how to do this here back in March. You can find many variations on the net [including fancy Velcro fastenings, buttons, and using the screw caps] I was a little concerned about the YouTube clip which began “Get a carton from your neighbour’s bin…”

We will be using clean and dry cartons donated by friends. But I have already sorted them out carefully because the ones lined with silver foil are needed for the other craft.


  1. Hi Angela!
    When is Holiday Club? Two of our little granddaughters are going to Vacation Bible School this week. I'll be on the look out for crafts. I like your purses! They are very smart!

    1. July 30th - August 5th. Bookings down a little at the minute - hoping they pick up a bit!

  2. Chris needs a new vegan wallet...expect him at your holiday club!
    Jane x

    1. All the teams are sport themed- he can be in with the Sailors!

  3. These are wonderful! What a very fun craft.

  4. Thankyou for a great tutorial ,I love the title of this post heehee ..love Jan xx

  5. Can I just say - genius. I have been on enough camps to think that this should be compulsory - just for the week away. If only so that all children had their name on their purse. No more holding a nameless purse up at the evening meeting trying to find its owner


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