Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Peterborough Effect**





I have had a brilliant day in Peterborough, listening to the ebullient Chris Duffett explaining how to arrange a “Get In The Picture” event.


get in th epicture

The people at Park Road Baptist were incredibly hospitable [fabulous lunch!] and the training sessions were really well planned and useful. I have returned bubbling with enthusiasm for the project.


I only had one real problem with the day – I’d gone with the SatNav – I can get to Peterborough OK, but needed it for the last two or three miles off the A47 and into the centre to find the church.

And THREE TIMES I reached junctions and the instruction was to turn down a no-entry, the wrong way into a one-way street.

Therefore I took several attempts before I arrived at the Church – but the others there said that all the current building work etc means many road layouts have been altered, and actually central Peterborough is not a good place to navigate with a SatNav. I am just mentioning it in case anyone else is going there!

Bob has been just as busy doing PA/video links here

carey hall

…one of the Baptist Churches in the city of Leicester.

And now I am going to get some sleep – because Sunday is going to be even busier…

roy kinnear ** ‘the Peterborough Effect’ was a TV advertising campaign of the 1980s by the Peterborough Development Commission. The ads starred the late, great Roy Kinnear acting the part of a Roman Centurion.

I thought they were very clever ads, but they’ve probably been forgotten by most people now


  1. Hi Ang,
    we are contemplating doing "Get in the Picture" here in Glasgow (benefit of our dual Baptist natioanality!)... any good tips?

  2. Oddly enough, I remembered the phrase, although not the adverts themseles... We have had some 'fun' with sat navs in rural France, too!

    I haven't heard from you a while and have just had the horrifying thought that I may have unintentionally offended you when I made a slightly flippant comment last time - I can't email you to say that as your computer is PERPETUALLY offended by my blacklisted email address! But if so, many apologies.

  3. Hello Angela,
    I am your swap partner for the No Frills Magazine Exchange. I don't know if you've contacted me yet, I'll check my box later, but I wanted to introduce myself !
    Hope to hear from you soon !

  4. Carole - I emailed just a few days ago - will try again if it never got through
    Catriona - Will get back to you when I have thought a bit more about GITP
    Floss - no, not offended, just a bit busy lately.
    Lately ,my computer seems to be a; not always receiving emails b; sending emails to other people which get spammed at their end. My apologies.

  5. FYI

    Vene ad Petreburgum!

    Roy Kinnear, goon but not forgotten.

    From: John Allman
    Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 1:49 AM
    Subject: Roy Kinnear footage

    Could you please let Lord Rix know that, to my delight, I found one of the adverts in Latin for The Peterborough Development Corporation, at:


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