Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Good Reason To “Shell Out”

One of our Lent ‘Soup Kitchen’ speakers talked about the Trussell Trust and their foodbanks. I am grateful to Shoestring [blog here] for alerting me to this campaign – thanks for that ‘heads-up’!


Find out more here. I had intended buying Bob one of these…

real egg

…but the supermarket had sold out [which is good!] so I have suggested that as neither of us need the calorific chocolate, the Trussell Eggs Campaign is better stewardship of our resources!


  1. I bought one of those eggs, as there were just three left on the shelf of our local Co-op. It sits here rather forlornly as I don't know who to give it to - I suspect that the YFG and her friend will eat it next week. I don't give a lot of Easter eggs nowadays, but I really wanted to buy one to let the company and the supermarket know that this is a fabulous idea! £4 well spent.

  2. Glad you were able to make use of the link! Happy Easter to you and the family! x


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